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Do you like to watch television shows? Probably yes. This is a true trend of modern entertainment content. Thousands of television channels around the world spend hundreds of millions of dollars to create visual effects on the level of Hollywood cinema. True television enthusiasts can enjoy their favorite shows with Titanium TV. This is a great program for watching TV shows. You will be surprised by the quality of the broadcast and the list of available channels. The application allows you to watch Live TV and many TV shows. Now you will be aware of current trends without leaving your home. All new items are available online.

Latest version: 2.0.23
License: Free
Size: 12.50 Mb
OS: Android
Language: English
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Download latest version:
Titanium TV 2.0.23 .APK

Previous versions:
2.0.22 .APK
2.0.20 .APK
2.0.19 .APK
2.0.16 .APK
2.0.15 .APK .APK
2.0.13 .APK .APK
2.0.11 .APK

The modern consumer is extremely demanding on the quality of the content provided. That is why the project team makes every effort to maintain a high standard of quality. Thanks to this application, you do not have to look for alternative options for watching television content. Everything is available in one application. At the same time, the program performance is at a high level. Another advantage is the availability of Titanium TV on any platform. Modern users love iOS and Android. Your smartphone or tablet can easily become a multimedia center for watching TV channels. You can also download the application for personal computers, as well as Firestick/Fire TV. Let’s figure out how to access the top content as quickly as possible.

You do not have to configure the application for a long time to get access to high-quality content. Our developers have tried to simplify all installation processes. Now it is quick and easy. This is exactly what the application for viewing video content should be. We value the time of our users. Every time you launch the application, you can enjoy the speed and excellent visual design.

Main App Features

Downloading this application is the best you can do for non-stop viewing video content. And now we will prove why. Thanks to Titanium TV you can get full access to thousands of TV channels and a detailed schedule. Knowing the broadcast time, you definitely will not miss your favorite movie or show. This application contains ads, but you will not even notice it. We value your time and made unobtrusive advertising that does not interfere with watching TV channels.

Soon you will have the opportunity to watch video content on your TV thanks to television set-top boxes. Also, we know that many users like to upload videos to their hard drive to watch later. We support this. Therefore, we implemented a loading system for watching videos offline.

The application library has thousands of TV channels. Now you do not need to search for any content on the network. We have collected everything for you in one application. The development team is constantly testing the interface, making it easier and more versatile. Now you need to do a minimum of actions to start your favorite broadcast or TV channel. Do not forget about the filter system. This is a real miracle.

You do not need to hack the firmware of your device. The application is installed without additional settings. We are a team of movie fans. We love cinema, and try to add the maximum number of comedies, action films, melodramas, and other genres to the general collection. Now you can install the application on almost any device and appreciate the extensive library of files. The app is designed to entertain people. No one wants to spend hours looking for the right movie or TV show. We have developed a smart algorithm for quick search by keywords, title, and individual sentences. Now finding cool movies takes no more than a couple of seconds. And all the films are of excellent quality. You can enjoy the detailed picture.

Tips to Install the App on Android

Titanium TV disclaimer

There are no barriers for android. This is a universal operating system. It allows you to install third-party applications in a few clicks. That is why we pay the most attention to this version. Statistics on the use of Android devices suggests that this is the right choice. Do not forget that you need to allow the installation of third-party APK files on your gadget. It is not difficult. Just click on the appropriate item in the security section. Next, you need to download the program itself. It is available on this site.

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• The program will load very quickly. You will need less than a minute. Next, go to the folder with the downloaded file and initiate the installation process.
• Accept all points and confirm the installation process.
• Installation does not take much time. Just wait about a minute and you will see the program icon on the screen. It will happen very quickly.

• Immediately after the installation is complete, you can play any movie, television series, or live broadcast.

You will be surprised by how many opportunities this program has in itself. There are thousands of the best Hollywood films in different languages. You can also activate the subtitle mode. We know that the original voice acting allows you to feel the real atmosphere of the film. We have created an extensive database where it is easy to find any interesting video content. No more boring television broadcasts and hours of searching for the necessary film. Now you have this application that perfectly copes with the launch of any video content. Feel all the benefits of top online broadcasts.

This application weighs a little and does not load the operating system. This is an important aspect that the development team has taken into account. We try to make watching films a pleasant experience. That is why we are constantly updating the application, providing you with a unique experience of viewing any content. Now you can find the masterpieces of the last century or summer blockbusters. The choice is yours. Only you decide which movie to watch today.

Basic iOS Installation Tutorial

• Titanium TV is not in the App Store, but you can use an alternative source for installing applications. You can download TweakBox. This is a third-party application store where you can download our program.
• Use this site to download the application store or find an alternative link in any search engine. After installing the application store, use the search to select and install Titanium TV.
• The installation procedure is no different from the standard App Store. Now you can use our program to search for movies, TV shows, and various TV content. The application is stable. Download and playback speed allows you to view content in the best quality.

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We all know that iOS is a closed system. That is why we came up with an option with a third-party app store. This is an elegant way to get around software restrictions. Now, nothing will stop you from enjoying the excellent quality of movies on your smartphone or tablet. You can also easily download a movie for offline viewing. The main thing is that your gadget has enough space on your hard drive.

Firestick/Fire TV Installation Tips

Similar to the previous operating system, you need to use a third-party bootloader. To do this, you need to toggle on the option of ‘Unknown Sources.’ Thanks to this, you can install third-party applications easily and simply. Without this option, it is impossible to install our program for launching TV channels.

Fortunately, you will quickly find the Downloader app first in the search results. It is easy to install. Next, you need to enable the JavaScript option. This will allow you to download our program from the link (https://titaniumtv-app.com/dl/). Just click on the appropriate button. Downloading does not take much time. In the end, click on the ‘Done’ button.

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That’s all. Now you can enjoy your favorite TV shows, films, and television series. You can find the installed application in the ‘Your Apps and Channel’ section.

Get Titanium TV on Windows and macOS

In order to use this application, you will need a program that emulates the Android environment. You can find Titanium TV thanks to the Nox App Player. Download this program and wait for the installation to complete. It does not take much time. Follow the instructions of the installation program. At the end of the installation, you can download the APK file from our website. The download speed is high, thanks to a high-performance server. When the download is complete, right-click on the executable file and select Open With Nox App Player. This will install our program on your computer.

Just a few moments and our application will be available for full use. The emulator displays the icon on the main computer screen.

Typical Problems and How to Fix It

I can’t install the app or it always crashes
This problem is not common. However, some users may have similar inconveniences. First of all, you need to decide on compatibility. Your device may not support this. Update your Android device (6.0+), or iOS device (11+). You need to allow the installation of third-party applications on your device. Without this, installation is not possible. These are typical points that can help you solve many problems. You also need to make sure that your provider does not block access to our services. You may need to install a VPN to solve this problem.

I have Buffering or Stream problems
This problem occurs a little more often. Everything is easy to solve. Just check your internet connection. Perhaps your provider has a number of technical problems. Also, your modem or Wi-Fi router should work properly. There may also be problems on the server. In this case, you should wait a while, and try to connect again.

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Fortunately, these are all problems that theoretically can occur with users. The rest is no problem. You will definitely enjoy using this application to watch TV shows, movies, and TV shows. The functionality of the program significantly exceeds all analogs. You can enjoy your favorite non-stop video content.

Titanium TV: Best App to Get New Movies

We are constantly working to improve the application. Customer satisfaction is a key goal of our development team. Millions of people around the world love cinema and want to enjoy the best films and television series. Especially for you, we have created a universal application that has many new features, a convenient search system, and a stylish design.

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Our team understands that some users may run into problems. That is why we are always open to dialogue. Each user is guaranteed to receive technical support and tips for setting up the program. You can always contact us to ask a question or get advice. Our application will allow you to enjoy the best video content.

Also, we are constantly adding new films and television series to our library. Each user should have the right to choose to enjoy the content that is interesting. To do this, you can go to the menu section and select any type of entertainment. Enjoy the latest news, watch the masterpieces of cinema and get a lot of pleasant experiences. And all this for free! We do not charge for watching movies. Also, you do not have to endure annoying ads.